Section I: Authority


The Hampton Falls Tricentennial Committee was established by vote of the Town Meeting in March 2011 in accordance with RSA 674:44a. Its purpose is to plan, organize, oversee and raise money to pay for all activities related to the Hampton Falls Tricentennial Celebration.


Section II: Membership


1.  The Hampton Falls Tricentennial Steering Committee shall consist of five members.  The Steering Committee, by majority vote, may appoint alternate members.

2.  The terms of the members shall last for the duration and completion of all Tricentennial activities.

3.  If a Member is found to be incapable of performing their duties and/or is frequently absent at meetings, that member may be relieved of their duty by a unanimous vote of all steering committee members, 

4.  If a Member steps down or is otherwise relieved of their duty, a new member may be appointed, by majority vote of the remaining members, subject to the approval of the Board of Selectmen.

5.  Members may serve on other municipal boards and committees.

6.  The Steering Committee welcomes the participation of other citizens who will serve on subcommittees to be formed and guided by the Steering Committee.

7.  Members are volunteers and thus will receive no compensation for their service.

8. Members shall be insured under the same policies as other Town Committees and Board Members are insured.


Section III: Responsibilities


  1. Steering Committee’s duties as related to the Tricentennial celebration shall include (but are not limited to):

  1. Creating a plan for the celebration.

  2. Deciding on and organizing with the subcommittees all activities relating to it.

  3. Raising the necessary funds for the celebration activities by:

    1. Seeking sponsorships/grants

    2. Petitioning the town

    3. Creating fundraisers

    4. Selling items

  4. Managing and appropriating funds

  5. Creating a logo representing the Tricentennial

  6. To hold meetings necessary to carry out its duties.

2. The Commission may establish subcommittees, composed of committee members or citizens at large, or assign various responsibilities to its members, as needed.

Section IV: Meetings


  1. The Committee shall meet on an as needed basis.

  2. Scheduled meetings may be changed or added as needed, as long as the proper notification is made to attending members and the public.

  3. The records of minutes of the meetings shall be kept by the secretary and made public on the town website.

  4. A quorum is necessary to conduct the regular business of the Commission and shall consist of at least three regular or alternate members.

  5. All meetings shall be conducted in accordance with the most recent edition of Robert's Rules of Order and the laws of the State of NH. The Steering Committee may meet in a non-public session in accordance with NH RSA 91A-3.



Section V:  Officers and their Duties


1. The Officers of the Board will be elected for a one (1) year term are as follows: Co-Chairmen, Secretary, and Treasurer. All shall be elected at the next board meeting after the Town Meeting.  

2. The Primary Chairman of the Board, or Co-Chairman, shall preside at all meetings of the Board, authorize special meetings of the Board, appoint all committees except those made by motion and passed by a majority of the Board, and perform all customary duties of the office.  A Chairman shall prepare the agenda and forward it or have it forwarded along with any relevant material to the other members at least one day in advance of the meeting. The Primary Chairman will have the power to endorse checks and approve invoices and expenses for payment.

3. The Secretary shall keep a true and accurate record of all public and non-public meetings of the Board, and disseminate public minutes to the Board, Town and public as required by RSA 91-A. The Secretary shall see that all public minutes are available on the town website. He/She shall also file the non-public meeting minutes in a locked drawer or cabinet

accessible only to the Steering Committee as the need arises. He/She shall perform other duties as are generally associated with the office. 

4.The Treasurer of the Hampton Falls Tricentennial Committee will have oversight of two primary funding sources available for use by the Committee:  

  • The Tricentennial Fund, an account by the Town of Hampton Falls(non appropriated) at the Provident Bank 

  • Tercentenary Capital Reserve Fund that is maintained by the Trustees of the Fund.  

The Treasurer will interact with Town officials to maintain and update information regarding these two funds and will provide a report of each fund at the Steering Committee Meetings for the duration of the established Committee.  The Primary Chair, with guidance from the Steering Committee will approve of any payments to be made and which funds will be used to pay these bills.



Adopted by the Tricentennial Steering Committee at its meeting, August 23,2016